The crew of the USS Alan Turing seek to provide a positive, creative, and challenging environment for members to participate in shipboard activities, whether in person or virtual, while being both safe and enjoyable for all its members. We strive to provide an atmosphere and environment in keeping with Gene Roddenberry's vision of a universe free of discrimination and harassment, where members are encouraged to express originality, creativity, and to pursue and harness their full potential, exploring the farthest reaches of the Star Trek Universe.


We shall provide a ship whose missions speak of excellence in quality where the members are held and hold each other to the highest respect. Through an ever-evolving system of governance, we shall provide support and resources to all members of the crew and shall strive to be ambassadors to all others in the Star Trek Community.

While the USS Alan Turing is a chapter of STARFLEET International, her crew does not focus all of its energy and interest exclusively to Star Trek. Crewmembers also enjoy the Honorverse, Star Wars, Babylon 5, Firefly, Battlestar Galactica, Doctor Who, both the Marvel and DC universes, Sliders, Time Trax, and many more. Some are history buffs while others prefer writing and graphic design, studying real world physics and cosmology, or even craft beers and mead making. With the diverse interests of our crew, it is a certainty you will find something to pique your curiosity and intrigue you. If you find that there is something that there is something no one else is currently pursuing in which you take pleasure, please tell us about it! You may just find a new companion to share that interest with.


Above all else, we shall aim to let our imaginations take flight and soar boldly where no man has gone before.


As always,

Live long, and prosper”